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Steve Story & Texas Swing

Steve Story & Friends


Providing you a variety of performing ensembles/variety groups from pop to Latin and jazz standards to bossa-novas and swing to rhythm & blues; Steve Story Music can arrange a musical ensemble for you:  solo guitar and vocals, solo violin, duo/trio combos, and/or one of the various bands 


Steve Story has over 30 years of experience and training in violin/fiddle:  classical, jazz & country.  

Solo Guitar & Vocals

Steve Story has an amazing musical vocabulary together with a tasteful and beautiful interpretation of classic and modern tunes.  His vocal talents will also touch your heart and inspire your soul!

Steve Story & Friends
   Jazz Group
Texas Swing Band1.jpg
Steve Story      & 
Texas Swing

Steve Story & Friends will simply amaze you and your guests with the pop/jazz combo.   Depending upon your musical tastes or needs, Steve Story Music can arrange combinations of instruments:  piano, upright bass, drums, guitar, violin, vocals, sax, organ. 

Dance the night away to the classic sounds of Steve Story & Texas Swing Band.  

Lone Star String Quartet

Lone Star String Quartet quartet playing elegant music from timeless classics and to pop favorites.  

Worship Music

Excellent, inspirational music to inspire and lead your spirit into worship for weekly worship, Christmas celebration, Easter Sunday.

Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
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